Sufism The Soul of Islam

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“Sufism – The Soul of Islam” is not just any book rather it’s a companion onto the spiritual journey. This book answers all the questions in the most simple manner to the seekers of spiritual path. Whether you are a disciple of any spiritual order (silsila) or not – this book will be all and more for you.
A few of the topics it discusses include how to love Allah above all? What is Mohammadan Assembly and whether it is spiritually held or not? What does the term Faqr mean which is used so popularly by Sufi writers and poets alike? Whether Allah can be seen or not? What is annihilation (fana) and immortality (baqa)? What is Khudi of poet Allama Iqbal? How to recognize oneself and find purpose of life? What is tawhid in Sufism? There is so much going on in the book that it will leave you wonderstruck.
The book starts with a chapter on Sufi terminology which you will see throughout the book as well as in any Sufi English book. Order a copy now!


Sufism is a journey. A miraculous one. Filled with hurdles yet easy for those who are born pure and those who choose. It is the choices and not always the actions as they could be deceptive. Sufism is the spiritual and mystical aspect of Islam. The esoteric cosmos has every spiritual blessing, notion and trial. In the universe of Sufism, the destination is being One with the Divine Essence (tawhid) and the dear friend and leader on this path is the spiritual guide. Motivation and power to accomplish comes from loving Allah only as Sultan Bahoo has famously said, “Only Allah! Everything other than Allah is lust.” The names Allah and Mohammad (Ism-e-Allah Zaat and Ism-e-Mohammad) are sustenance which strengthen the very soul. After all it is the journey of soul.
Deep respect embedded in the heart for the family of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) is like Noah’s Ark and the sacred Companion are guiding stars. The Mohammadan Assembly is the determining factor declaring one worthy to embark on the quest of Sufism or to demote or worse to forever halt.
Wolves, brigands and the negative powers that drive one away are Satan, innerself (an-nafs) and the mortal world. Sharia is the door into this esoteric world.
This journey of gnosis has its own set of guidelines. These can come in the form of inspiration, unveiling, waham (inward conversation with Hoo ھُو) and ilm-e-dawat (communication with sacred souls of shrines).
This book is all and MORE!
A must read for every spiritual traveller.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Muhammad Amjad

    It’s very good book for getting the information about sufism.

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