Ganj-ul-Asrar ( Urdu Translation with Persian Text ) | Sultan ul Arifeen

The literal meaning of Ganj ul Asrar is “The Treasure of Divine Secrets”. The writer Sultan-ul-Arifeen Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo has very conveniently and interestingly disclosed these secrets in the book. Hazrat Sultan Bahoo has explained the marvels of his Sarwari Qadri Order in a very easy to understand manner and described the grandeur of Sarwari Qadri Spiritual Guide and his disciples. This Book is translated in Urdu by Hafiz Hammad ur Rehman Sarwari Qadri under the Permision and Supervision of Sultan ul Ashiqeen Sultan Mohammad Najib-ur-Rehman Sarwari Qadri.


The literal meaning of Ganj-ul-Asrar is “The Treasure of Divine Secrets”. The writer Sultan Bahoo has very conveniently and fascinatingly unveiled these secrets in the book. Originally this book is in Persian. It claims and proves that the Sarwari Qadri way is superior to all other spiritual orders.

Furthermore, it provides awareness about over powering the innerself after getting rid of the evilness of Satanand worldly desires. Also this book talks about the Qadri seeker, what he should do and not do. If read with complete devotion and followed with honesty, this book can take its reader to the highest spiritual level. Moreover, it teaches renunciation of the world, complete Trust upon Allah, and the ways of acquiring Divine knowledge and then takes the seeker to the final level of Faqr and Fana Fillah.

It is a marvel of Sultan-ul-Ashiqeen Mohammad Najeeb-ur-Rehman that he undertook the task of translating books of Sultan-Bahoo. Books containing the treasures of Sufism. But also in totoday’s prevailing language, English. So that people who do not understand Persian or Urdu can understand and benefit from these comprehensively stellar books.

This book is special because it acts as a stepping stone in Sufism that proves extremely beneficial for seekers of Allah. It does not matter whether they are at the initial level or final. They can always learn and improve with the help of this miraculous book.

In conclusion, this book is a gem for the seekers of Allah


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