Sultan Bahoo Books translated in Urdu

Sultan Bahoo bookss are just like an ocean full of Sufism’s knowledge. Sultan Bahoo books are translated in Urdu for readers.  His work literally shows his efforts that how he add his blood to water to serve the humanity and teach them how to seek the divine love. Moreover, download any book free of cost. These books are a eternal treasure of Faqr and Sufism. You may read only.

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“text”: “Sultan Bahoo was one of the famous sufi writers he wrote 140 books on sufism. Sultan Bahoo books contain the specific materials and source that raises curiosity in every one to read and learn more about it. His writing skills were no doubt extraordinary. Some of his famous books are Ganj ul asrar, Ain ul faqr, Qurb e dedaar, Risala Roohi Sharif and Nur ul Huda Kalan.”

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